How It Works

$100 Four Times a Year 100 Women

Each 100 Women Who Care-Michiana member commits to be a member for one year (a period of 12 consecutive months) at a time. Commitment involves attending four one-hour meetings a year and pledging $100 per meeting to give to selected St Joseph County and Michiana area not-for-profit organizations to help them meet immediate needs in our community.

At each quarterly meeting, all members of 100 Women Who Care-Michiana are welcome to nominate a favorite local not-for-profit organization/agency in need of funds by filling out a nomination form. Three members will then be randomly chosen to promote the charity they nominated by giving a short presentation. Each presentation is to last no more than 5 minutes, which includes a minimum of 2 minutes for questions from the group.

Make A Real Change In Lives

Each member then votes by written ballot for her choice agency of the three organizations presented and the votes are immediately counted.

The agency with the most votes is announced and each of the 100 Women Who Care-Michiana members writes a check to the Community Foundation of Elkhart County. The checks are collected and passed along to the CFEC, who then issues a check to the agency. This allows the agency to feel the huge impact of 100 Women Who Care-Michiana can make together.

The meeting ends in one hour or less. The fortunate agency chosen receives the number of current members x $100. We hope in no time we will be over 100 members so the target is at least $10,000.

How To Contribute

Contributions are made at the quarterly meeting or online, at this website, via the DONATE NOW button.

If a member cannot make a quarterly meeting, there are three ways to make the $100 tax deductible gift:

  • Click the DONATE NOW button on our website and choose 100 Women Who Care Michiana from the drop down menu.
  • Mail you check (payable directly to COMMUNITY FOUNDATION OF ELKHART COUNTY with “100 Women Michiana” written on the memo line) to COMMUNITY FOUNDATION OF ELKHART COUNTY, PO BOX 2932, ELKHART IN 46514. A rubber stamp will be available at each meeting for stamping the payee name and memo line, and self-addressed envelopes for the Community Foundation will also be available.
  • Give your blank check and your proxy vote to a fellow member who is attending the meeting. She can vote your proxy.

Tax receipts will be provided to each member for their quarterly contributions.

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